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About East Loop Sand


East Loop Sand Company, Inc. was formed in October 1985 by John and Yvonne Gentry.  The company was in the bulk sand business for two years.  In early 1987, a pipeline company commissioned ELSCO to supply sand bags for use as padding and breaker walls for oil and gas transmission pipelines.  Mr. Gentry designed a portable bagging unit that produced filled sand bags near the pipeline job site that resulted in substantial savings for the pipeline companies.  Additionally, the unit’s capability to bag wet and dry material is always guaranteed to the pipeline contractor.  


​In 1993, ELSCO entered the retail market providing Kmart with play sand.  The company delivered nationwide to individual stores and distribution centers increasing the number of loads from 150 in 1993 to 840 by 1999.

Over the next several years, the business expanded to include the roadway barricade and the bridge/highway construction markets.  In the roadway barricade market, woven polypropylene bags are used as weights to hold temporary traffic signs, roadway markers and barrels in place.  These bags are loaded on pallets and stretch wrapped.  They are also used to control erosion during highway construction. Woven polypropylene bags packaged in super sacks (polypropylene bags 35” x 35” x 54” with handles) are used for stream diversion in the bridge/highway construction markets.

In 2006, East Loop Sand Company, Inc. began installation of foam breakers and foam pillow supports for the pipeline industry.  In addition to these services, ELSCO added restoration, seeding, and environmental services.


You will find that ELSCO offers very competitive pricing on all products and services.

ELSCO has implemented several techniques that provide cost savings without sacrificing quality and making it possible to bid competitively:

  • Mobilization of our equipment to your location - We bring our equipment to you, eliminating the need for trucking the material long distances.

  • Centrally located job sites - We set-up our equipment in locations that are easily accessible from both ends of the pipeline project.

  • Buying from one supplier - We set-up in locations and purchase sand and materials from the same local supplier, which allows us to give the best possible prices.


East Loop Sand Company, Inc. has been supplying the pipeline industry for over 25 years.  We have the experience and the knowledge of the pipeline industry to provide excellent service.  We are dedicated to providing customer satisfaction; therefore, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We also boast an untarnished safety record.

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